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  • Effective Management That Makes Investments With You
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  • Tax-Efficient Returns
  • Veterans Of The Industry With Extensive Operational Knowledge.
  • Uncorrelated Returns And A Competitive Advantage.
  • Transparency & strong governance


Pyramine Mutual Fund Trust Is A Real Estate Investment That Specializes In Residential Equity Share Properties, Including Houses, Condos & Student Housing In Canada. Investors In The Fund Receive The Yield From Refinance Short Term Investment And Participate In The Growth Of The Following Properties’ Appreciation.


Our Private Fund Focuses On Making Investments In A Variety Of Real Estate Assets, Such As Co-Ownership Homes, Building And Development Projects, Rehab, Lending And Financing. Profits From Construction Projects & Rehab, Growth From Underlying Properties, And Yield From Refinance And Lending Income Are All Distributed To Investors.


A Long-Term Perspective And A Value-Based Strategy.

We Directly Invest In Residential And Commercial Properties With The Goal Of Increasing Their Value Through The Use Of Redevelopment Or Enhancement Opportunities. We Evaluate Every Investment With An Eye Toward Reducing Any Downside Risk, Safeguarding The Principal, And Producing The Right Level Of Risk-Adjusted Return. Our Investing Philosophy Is Influenced By A Number Of Policies.

Experienced Management Teams

a skilled management group with, on average, over 70 years of combined real estate investing expertise and a proven track record of achieving outstanding outcomes. We are known for establishing enduring partnerships and have a thorough understanding of real estate investing success.

Hands-On Approach

We Routinely Include Thorough Research On Our Properties, Markets, As Well As New And Current Investments, As Part Of Our Strategy. Our Hands-On Approach Gives Us Deep Market Knowledge And Guarantees That Our Investments Are Managed With Skill. Our Investments’ Performance Is Important To Us Personally.


Our Team Encourages A Collaborative And Entrepreneurial Environment Where People Genuinely Work Together To Achieve Greatness And Seize Opportunities. By Exercising Severe Discipline, Being Creative, Working Hard, And Strictly Adhering To Professional Standards, We Produce Consistent Outcomes.


Maximizing Investment Results

Both An Art And A Science, Successful Real Estate Investing Requires Meticulous Research, Excellent Execution, Proactive Risk Management, As Well As Creativity, Flexibility, And Agility.