Home Equity Loan​

What Is A Home Equity Loan?

A Home Equity Loan Is A Loan That Is Secured Against The Value Of Your Property.

Your Home’s Equity Serves As Security For The Home Equity Loan. Your Home Is Registered Against Any Current Mortgages And Any Home Equity Loans. You May Reach Out To The Bank Or Your Mortgage Broker To Be Sure That You Will Have Access To The Lowest Interest Rate For Your Home Equity Loan. At Pyramine We Are Using Our Exceptional Programs Based On Our Market Knowledge, And Our Pursuit Of The Best Long-Term Innovative Lending Solution For Your Needs. Unlike Banks Whom Are Lending Money And Charge Interest And Monthly Payments.. We At Pyramine Become Your Bank And Offer Equity Loans With Shared Equity Profits. You Don’t Need To Pay Monthly Payment Nor Fixed Interest, Rather We Share Profit.  

Who Qualifies?

We Can Assist You If You Own A House Or Apartment. We Verify The Worth Of Your House, Any Outstanding Mortgages, And Get You A Loan Regardless Of Your Credit Or Income.

How Much Can I Borrow?

A Home Equity Loan Is Directly Related To The Equity You Have In Your Home. You Can Borrow Up To 70% Of The Value Of Your Home With Pyramine, Less Any Outstanding Mortgages. Accordingly, You Might Borrow Up To $260,000 If Your House Is Worth $800,000 And Your Mortgage Is $300,000

Why Might I Need A Loan?

We Know There Are Many Reasons Why Homeowners May Be Looking For A Loan. Whether It’s Any Of The Following Reasons, Or Another, We Understand, And We Don’t Pry.

    • Home Renovations
    • Debt Consolidation
    • Education
    • Emergencies
    • Paying Off A Credit Card
    • Making A Large Purchase
    • Expanding A Business
    • Planning A Wedding

Why Pyramine Will Work For You?

Even If You’re Having Trouble Borrowing From Other Lenders Or Your Bank, Pyramine Can Help Because Our Loans Are Based First And Foremost On Your Home Equity, Not Your Personal Income Or Credit. And Above All Unlike Banks


Even If You’re Running Your Own Business, Are Self-Employed, Freelance, Or Part Of The Sharing Economy As A Driver Or Otherwise, You Can Qualify For A Home Equity Loan And Get The Service You Deserve From Pyramine.

Even If You’ve Been Turned Down By Your Bank Or Other Lenders, You Can Try Our Free, No-Obligation Loan Value To Confirm How Much You Can Borrow.

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