The 0% to 5% Program

The 0% to 5% home buyer program is a first time home buyer program  that allows you to own your dream home with little to no money down*. 

This program is available through a real estate mutual fund trust and is a great way to get into the housing market. With this program, you can put as little as 0% down* on your new home and still get the same great terms as a traditional mortgage**. 

This is an incredible opportunity for first-time home buyers . Don’t miss out on this amazing chance to own your dream home.

Please note , you must be able to contribute at least 5% of the purchase price towards the down payment
This amount should be from your saving , not borrowed from another source .Monetary gifts are accepted .
Note : Closing costs are typically 2-4%of the home's purchase price . if your down payment saving represents all savings you have to purchase a home enter "S0"
*Some Conditions May Apply Call or Email for More Details
** You Must Get Qualified For The Amount Of Mortgage You Require.