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| Equity Share Fund

Pyramine Real Estate Equity Share Fund (Lifelong Capital Equity Fund )

Equity Share Fund

Our Income and Development Fund provides access to a diversified portfolio of institutional-grade real estate assets including income-producing (commercial/industrial/lending) as well as development projects. Investors receive cash flow from rental income and interest from loans, capital appreciation from the growth of the value of properties, and special distributions from development projects. Targeted Annual Net Return of 18% (over a 10-year period).

Income & Development Fund Strategy:

Core Investment Categories

How does your investment grow?

Pyramine's Equity Share Fund generates returns through a combination of the following factors:

Income Generation

Regular income stream generated from building tenants paying rent.

Interest Generation

Interest generated by loans (mortgages, land loans, construction loans) is distributed to investors.

Builds Equity

Paying down the mortgage of the properties results in increased equity.

Property Value Appreciation

The property value increases over time and as improvements are made.

Special Distributions

The Income and Development Fund provides special distributions when development projects are completed.

Properties included in this Fund



The Saw Whet ( Oakville )


Catalina ( London)

Thompson Towers( Milton)

Hawthorne East Village ( Milton)

Mile & Creek ( Milton)

Celesta Condo ( Toronto )

Lily Crosstown ( Toronto )

2676 Folkway Dr ( Mississauga )

279 AUDEN Road ( Guelph )

38 Sandringham Dr ( Barrie)

2603 Bateman Trail ( London )

Who can invest?

*Varies by province, subject to suitability limitations.

**When working with an Advisor.


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